Our Courses

From in-depth foundational to focused Continuing Education Training programmes, we have something for everyone. Whether you are just starting out or would like to advance your skills, we offer accredited trainings in various formats, including in-person, livestream, on-demand and hybrid learning models.

Our Pedagogical Approach

Centred Space

At Centred Space, our ethos guides everything we do. We adopt an education-first approach, embracing adaptive pedagogies that cater to diverse learning styles. We believe in the power of continuous learning and unlearning, fostering an environment where individuals can challenge existing structures and dogmatic approaches, as well as explore perspectives beyond their comfort zones. 

Our commitment to social justice and intersectionality informs our curriculum, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped to create meaningful, inclusive and empowering movement spaces for generations to come. Our courses are designed to provide a dynamic and engaging learning experience that often features a blend of training approaches, such as combining the flexible convenience of online learning with the intimacy of in-person interactions.

    We prioritise in-person experiences for hands-on learning, allowing participants to engage fully with the material and each other. Topics covered invite deeper inquiry, peer teaching, discussions, and live demonstrations.

    Livestream spaces allow us to engage in real-time group practices, discussions, and Q&A sessions. This ensures that all members of our community can participate fully, regardless of location.

    Our online e-learning platform provides access to recorded lectures, resources, and interactive modules for topics that are information-led. This platform allows participants to learn at their own pace and revisit materials as needed.



Foundational courses designed to establish the fundamentals needed in order to teach yoga or to have a deeper appreciation of the practice.

200H Yoga Teacher Training

Next Enrolment: Aug - Sept 2024


Watch this space for bite-sized lectures and workshops!



Specialised continuing education courses that build upon your foundation and spotlight areas of interest.